SUEUA Presents Engineering Ball 2018: Vice and Virtue

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Ladies, Gentlemen and Civil Engineers,

SUEUA is extremely proud to bring you the biggest and classiest event of the engineering calendar. Are you getting sick of blacking out on PNR Lawns and ending up on a sticky Scubar dance floor at 3am?

Us neither. But our DPs are getting a little bit stale and our tinder profiles are in desperate need of a revamp. Well fear not:

SUEUA Presents Engineering Ball 2018: Vice and Virtue.

This year’s theme pays homage to the Seven Deadly Sins. Come in your best of the capital vices* and make it look good to be bad. Would you describe yourself more as lusty or lecherous? Do you prefer stuffing your face or stuffing your wallet? Would you rather crush a 10-second countdown or a 10-hour nap? Whatever your poison, SUEUA has the night for you.

It’s that amazing time of year where final exams aren’t even a dot on the horizon and your 52 in linear algebra, similarly to anything you learned in the subject, is a fading memory. This year, in the spirit of the Liberal party, we’re switching things up with a huge move right… next to Hyde Park at the Sheraton.

Where: Sheraton on the Park
When: 6PM Friday the 21st of September 2018
Access + Member: $105
Access + Non-Member: $110
Non-Access: $120
Lachlan Falconer: $105 + $1000 Bond

First release tickets will be going on sale via QPay next Wednesday (5th September) at 10am. Engineering Ball sells out almost immediately, so make sure to set your alarm to ensure you get a ticket!

Please note that this event is 18+, and your ID will be required to get into the Sheraton.


*No George Pell costumes, its Cardinal Sins not sinful Cardinals.